Isn't MY Word Enough?

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It was on a Friday morning that I went up to my office to do my daily devotion.  The enemy was running rampant in my life and I needed to hear from God.  I knelt down beside my chair and begin to pray and cry out to HIM.  The words that I spoke were more out of desperation than that of prayer.

I cried out “Show me God that you are moving in this situation! Show me that you are answering my prayer.  I need to see you working this out.”

My heart was so confused.  I had feelings of hurt, anger and frustration. I needed some confirmation from God that he was moving.  I questioned how this situation had gotten to where it was. To be honest, what was taking place was the very opposite of what I had been praying for.  

After I pleaded to God to show me that he was moving, to give me sign that HE was working in this situation, I went about with my day.  I couldn’t let it go.  Over the next two days, all that I could think about was my prayer. SHOW ME and GIVE ME were the words that I kept repeating to God. "I need to know that you are answering my prayer.  I want evidence and proof that you are working this all out."

These thoughts and pleas consumed me the entire weekend. Sunday morning came and I was getting ready for church.  My heart was still filled with the same emotions that were there on Friday.  Nothing had changed.  I put on my make-up and fixed my hair as I attempted to make my outside look better than how I was feeling on the inside. My thoughts continued to revert back to my earlier prayer.  SHOW ME! SHOW ME GOD!

I walked into the bedroom when God spoke to me.  He said “Isn’t MY word enough!”

These words were like a wrecking ball to my heart breaking down the walls of my doubt and disbelief.  I was convicted in that moment.  Where was my faith in God?  Where was my trust in HIM?  Did I not believe the promises that are written in HIS Word?

If my faith was in God and his word, then why was I asking, begging and pleading to HIM to show me that HE was answering my prayers when He has already promised that he would.

We live by faith and not by sight.
— 2 Corinthians 5:7

We have all heard the saying “seeing is believing”. As humans, we rely on logic.  We require proof and evidence to support what we believe. It is in the actions of providing us with evidence and proof that we establish trust.  Well, as Christians, the opposite is true.

We are suppose to live our lives by faith rather than sight. Our faith is based on what we KNOW rather than what we see and even feel.  This is not always easy.  The enemy will stop at nothing to discredit God, HIS word and to plant disbelief in our hearts.

Satan will taunt us asking “Where is God at?”  "Why isn’t He answering your prayer?"  "You don’t SEE anything changing in your circumstance." And while that may seem like it is the is not.

For we fix our eyes on not what is SEEN but what is UNSEEN. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
— 2 Corinthians 4:18

God reveals himself in our situations in his own time. If HE had answered my prayer to show me evidence and proof that HE was moving, then how could I exercise my faith in HIM.  True faith is believing in what you can’t see.  It is choosing to believe in God and His word despite what our situation looks like.

For the word of the Lord is right and true: HE is faithful in all he does.
— Psalms 33:4

When we exercise our faith in God, we know that HE is always true to HIS word so shouldn’t HIS word be enough?

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