Our Journey to the Cotton Mill House

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Two years ago Charles and I visited Edenton for our anniversary. We sat on the front porch of the Penelope Barker house and began to dream about one day living in the charming town that we had grown to love.  As we rocked back and forth, we talked about the possibilities of buying a home. We were finally in a place in our lives financially that we felt like we could make it happen. The more we talked about the idea of purchasing a home, the more excited we became about the opportunity to one day retire in Edenton.  

It was during that trip that we visited several of the shops.  We eventually found ourselves in one of my favorite shops, Finders Keephers owned by Amy Robertson. While in the store, we began talking to Amy about possibly looking for a place to buy in the Edenton area.  It was then that Amy recommended our realtor, Cindy Twiddy. Cindy came highly recommended by Amy and Charles and I now understand why. She is great to work with and has since become one of our close friends.

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We reached out to Cindy shortly thereafter and scheduled an appointment to view a house that had been on the market for while. Charles and I went into that viewing with an open mind and looking for potential.  However, we just didn’t feel like the house was right for us at that time and continued our house hunting. In October, we decided to look at the house again and was optimistic since the owners had agreed to lower their price.  We viewed the home again for a second time and began to calculate the cost of the renovations. On the exterior alone, we had figured around $40,000 with new siding, windows, and roof. That did not include the interior work which was probably going to be more extensive than what we expected.  We made the decision to walk away and continue the process.

That following February, 8 months into our home search, Charles had asked me to contact Cindy and let her know that if anything came open in the Cotton Mill district to keep us in mind.  I will be honest, I kind of laughed when he said this. I had seen the Cotton Mill home listings and they were out of our budget. I was dismissive at first thinking that finding a house in our budget in the Cotton Mill district was a long shot but I would ask anyway.  That is one thing I can say about my husband is that he is not afraid to ask for anything.

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I sent an e-mail to Cindy inquiring about another property listing I had seen.  At the end of the e-mail, I wrote that Charles wanted me to ask her that if any potential listings in the Cotton Mill district would become available if she would keep us in mind.

A little over a week later, I received an e-mail from Cindy saying that a house came on the market in the Cotton Mill district and that it was a foreclosure.  She asked if we would be interested in it and if so we would need to make an offer quick. After a very quick phone call to Charles and very little discussion, we decided to make an offer on the Cotton Mill House sight unseen.  Since this was a foreclosure in a very desirable area, we knew that we had to be very competitive with our offer. We made the decision to offer $100 over the asking price.

We drove to Edenton on Sunday afternoon just two days after submitting our offer to look at the property.  We were able to walk through the home to see it in its “as is” condition. It was in rough shape but nothing we saw made us want to walk away. We stood by our decision to make the offer sight unseen.  Then we waited.

It seemed like it took forever for the bank to make a decision on whether to accept our offer.  We know in the foreclosure process that it is the highest bid that usually wins out and we questioned whether we should have went higher on our offer.  However, we also knew that if it didn’t work out then God had something else, something better in store for us and we would continue on our house hunting journey.  

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A few days later we received a call from Cindy with the news that the bank had accepted our offer. Needless to say, both Charles and I were ecstatic.  We continued through the house buying process which did get stressful to the point that we almost thought we would lose the house. We had issues with the appraiser that was used not getting the appraisal report to our lender.  Finally after a month from the home appraisal and 2 days before our original closing date, our lender received the appraisal report. The bank was very gracious to extend our closing date to the following week so that our loan could be finalized.  It seemed like us closing on the house was touch and go for a moment. However, Cindy assured us that we would not lose the house and she would do whatever she could to ensure we went to closing…and she did.

On April 14th, Charles and I signed the papers and closed on the Cotton Mill House.  What started out as a dream in our hearts and a conversation on the front porch of the Penelope Barker house came to fruition.  It was during the process that I realized that God is faithful and he will give us the desires of our hearts. He placed the right people in our path that led us to the area that we wanted in the price range we could afford.

Finding a home in the Cotton Mill district was something that I thought would be impossible for us.  However, it just made me realize and understand more that NOTHING is impossible for God. If it is in his WILL, nothing can stop the plans that HE has to prosper and bless his children.

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I encourage you today, whatever your desires, whatever your dreams to continue to pursue God first.  He can take what may seem impossible and make it possible according to his will. You will begin to see your dreams and desires flourish through HIM and by HIM.

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