A New Year, A New Direction


Hello Friends!  How is your new year going so far?  Great, I hope.   As the new year approached, I began thinking about different goals and ideas that I wanted to pursue in 2019.  One of the areas that was on my list of things to pursue is this little blog of mine.  This space has been an area of neglect for the past few years.  Spending time on writing blog posts has been challenging with work travel, working on the cotton mill house, and balancing life in general.  It takes a lot of time to create a blog post especially for home décor projects.  For example, I worked on our Fall Home Tour for about 10-12 hours just for that one post. Well, time is the one thing that I have been short on over the past few years.


With that said, I need to make some changes to be able to show up and be present more on this little blog of mine.  I created this space to combine my two passions: my faith and home décor and design. However, it has been challenging to find cohesiveness by merging these two topics.  I am not saying that it can’t be done. Typically, I have seen other blogs that are heavier on the home décor side with a little faith mixed in here and there.  On the other side of that, most faith-based blogs are exactly that…faith based.


When we changed our name to Living 511 in 2015, the whole premise on the name change was to incorporate our current address but more importantly, the decision was founded based on 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:11

It is important to us that we encourage others and that is what I want to continue to do here on the blog.   The truth is that in my heart, my true passion is writing about my faith, sharing God’s word and my experiences so that it may encourage others who may be experiencing the same things.  God’s word is full of hope and promises. It transforms hearts and lives as it did mine.  I have seen God’s faithfulness revealed through His word and in my life.  My faith is built on a solid foundation of who God is and what He is able to do. I have learned this by spending time in His presence and reading His word. There is something so special about reading and sharing the words that God breathed himself. That is something that I feel I am called to share.


Over a year ago, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to write more on this blog. I shared it with Charles one day while having dinner.  Even as I expressed to him this pull in the direction I felt like God was leading me, I was moved to tears.  This is where my true passion lies. 


However, time and fear has held me back from posting on a more consistent basis.  I want that to change. See it is so much easier for me to sit down at the computer and pour my heart out in words sharing about my faith than it is to create a home décor post.  I don’t have to worry about lighting, arranging, styling, photographing, editing and uploading tons of photos when sharing my heart.  I just show up to the computer with a message that God has put on my heart and the words begin to flow.


I have struggled from the very beginning of Living 511 trying to write about my two passions in one space.  There are other things that I want to pursue in this new year that focuses on home décor and design as well.  I feel like having these two areas in one space is confining and limiting to me. So, after much thought and consideration, I feel that I need to create an entirely separate space for the home décor and design side of things.  We are in the beginning phase of selecting a name for the new home décor and design site and have plans to expand upon that. I feel our future plans with home decor and designs are limited by capturing this all under and within the Living 511 name and site.


So moving forward, I will continue to share words of encouragement here on Living 511 with a goal to post weekly.  Our Living 511 Facebook page will remain the same and where I will share content from both sites.  A new website will be created once we have a new name for the home décor and design side of things. Our current Instagram account name will change since it is primarily focused on home décor and a separate Instagram account will be created for Living 511 where I will share encouragement and more personal posts.  Shew…that’s a lot of changes. Change is scary but change is also good. These changes are not always easy to make but necessary for us to create a space that we love and hope you do too.


Thank you for following along with us on this journey. We appreciate the grace extended to us as we work through these changes over the next few months.

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