Expect the Unexpected

Photo Credit : Lee Yan Unsplash.com

Photo Credit : Lee Yan Unsplash.com

We often look at our situations and expect God to fix them or intervene in a way that we would. Maybe sometimes in our prayers, we tell God just how he needs to handle our situations because what we see is in the natural and physical realm. However, God does not operate in the natural but in the supernatural.

This is evident throughout the Bible. We have read chapter after chapter, scripture after scripture of how God has rescued, delivered, provided and blessed HIS people in the most unexpected ways. As I was reading in the book of Nehemiah, I read the scripture of how God provided the Isrealites with water from a rock.

In their thirst, YOU brought them water from a rock
— Nehemiah 9:15

The Isrealites had found themselves in the desert, the place in between their bondage and their deliverance. In the midst of this dry and barren place, God provided them everything that they needed. The Bible says that in the 40 years of wandering in the desert that their clothes and shoes never wore out which is amazing in itself. However, in order to sustain life, they required water and without it, their bodies would begin to shut down and eventually die.

Desert conditions are not conducive to water supply and water sources are scarce. Yet, we find that in the midst of the desert, that God still provided life sustaining water for HIS people to quench their thirst and meet their need. We, like the Isrealites, expect that this water would from two sources: the ground or the sky. This is what we have seen and understood where water comes from. However, what the Israelites never expected was that water would come from a rock.

The amazing thing about God is that even in our most dry and barren place, the place between our bondage and our deliverance, the place between our pain and HIS promise, is that HE will always provide for us. He is our rock, our steady foundation that brings forth living, life sustaining water in our time of need.

When we expect God to answer our prayers or deliver us in the way that we want it, then we limit HIM and HIS ability. God does not operate in the expected. He operates in the unexpected, the unnatural and the unexplainable because that is where HIS glory and power are revealed.

If you are in a dry and barren place, I encourage you to look for God in the unexpected places. It is in the unexpected places that you will find His promise and provision. There HE will quench your thirst and meet your every need.